Salman Khan Wanted To Go Off Twitter But…


Bollywood Mega Star Salman Khan, who is quite active on Twitter and uses it to promote his films and to offer his support to his protégés, had seriously considered going off Twitter before he was persuaded otherwise.


During a recent media interaction, when asked about trolls and his own fans, who spew hate on the social micro-blogging site, Khan said, “I have stopped reading Twitter. I wanted to discontinue it, but my PR team advised against it. If they were my fans, they would have an identity. Are they so ashamed of who they are that they hide behind a nameless face? We did track a few of them down, but did not reveal their identity as we didn’t want to ruin their future.”

Salman, who was accused of a hit-and-run incident, was trolled a couple of days back for his statement advising youngsters to not indulge in reckless driving.

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